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The Big New Year cleanse - 2021 following the success of the online autumn yogic cleanse and rejuvenation course- it will be back in JANUARY!



This 6 session course will take place over 6 weeks and will focus on the cleansing practises of yoga, in particular the Pancha Sahita Pranayama, which are specific breath practises which have a distinct effect on the flow of energy or prana into specific internal organs. The full practise allows us 7 days on each organ, and over the course, we will practise the associated pranayama as well as the associated asanas, kriyas and meditations to completely cleanse and re-energise the internal organs, purging toxins and boosting immunity to prepare us for the New Year ahead. The course will be an opportunity to cleanse and rebalance the entire body, and to take time to focus on and improve your health and well-being





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