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Body Mind Therapy for Health and Happiness, tailored for each individual





Claire draws on her years of experience in mental health, her training as a Clinical Psychologist, combined with her training as a yoga teacher, yoga therapist and Reiki practitioner to bring a truly holistic and integrative approach to psychological and physical well-being. She is currently training in Hypnotherapy with NLP and is excited to add this new skill to her one to one work.

This integrated approach means we work together to help you overcome stress-related health problems, psychological issues and chronic conditions. Drawing on yoga, psychology, neuroscience and mindfulness, working with movement, breath, energy and meditation and exploring underlying beliefs which may be at the root of distress or ill-health, we work towards healing, health and happiness.  One to one yoga sessions for those wishing to have a more individual approach to their yoga practice are also available.


Claire has worked with people with a range of conditions, including anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia and bereavement as well as muscular-skeletal issues and chronic health conditions such as digestive problems, MS and rheumatoid arthritis, pain management and women’s health, including fertility, preparing for IVF and coping with menopause.

Pay as you go

One hour  £48


‘ I was amazed and very excited about how quickly the specific exercises worked for me. They were obviously the perfect ones for my condition. After suffering many months of discomfort and pain in my right hip and leg, within a few days, the quality of discomfort I felt changed to something with more movement and mobility and less protective ‘holding’ of the body. The Reiki was wonderful, as were the breathing exercises. It’s almost as if Claire teaches you the tools specific to you in order for your mind/body to heal itself. Claire is highly intuitive and hits the spot with her suggestions and recommendations. Her yoga therapy is medicine for mind and body for the individual. Not just recommended – this is very necessary for everyone’s own well-being’   (Nadine)


Claire is offering online one to one sessions on zoom contact her on or call on 07811353240 to arrange sessions

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