Claire Rodgers Yoga

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Restorative Yoga & Chakra Meditation

De-stress, relax and rejuvenate!

(suitable for the complete beginner and experienced yogi alike)    

This is restful yoga for stressful times, where the body is supported with bolsters, blankets and cushions, allowing you to completely relax into soothing, quieting, restorative yoga postures,where healing and recovery can take place.  Perfect for relieving stress, recovering from illness and relieving symptoms of chronic conditions. Postures are held for 10- 15 minutes, with directed breathing further opening the body, so tension and tightness melt away, greater flexibility develops and the healing effects of the para-sympathetic nervous system are activated. Ending with meditation on the chakras, this is perfect for soothing and balancing body, mind and spirit.


SUNDAYS  2- 4pm.




2021 dates -  coming soon



"Restorative yoga can be a gateway to deep relaxation and the cultivation of mindfulness. Enter, enter!"   Jon Kabat - Zinn, internationally renowned author and teacher of meditation and mindfulness.




Tel: 07811 353 240