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Feedback from Restorative Class




'Went to the restorative yoga class on Friday and utterly adored it.

I practice yoga regularly and have to say this was like nothing I have ever experienced before.

In the class we held really gorgeous, freeing poses for ... I'm not sure- all concept of time went out the window I couldn't say but we had apparatuses (yoga bolster / pillows) to assist us so there was no strain involved at all and instead of tryingto  master a pose we could totally dissolve into it. At one point I remember feeling like I was floating in the galaxy or something. It was like being inside a flotation tank.

I don't think I have felt so relaxed and present for ages- left with no worries about tomorrow or what I should be doing next week/ month/ year.

I must also comment on how this has given me the same rewards as a standard yoga class- my hips are usually an area I find real strain with and since the class I have been able to fit into hip opening poses with less strain and more comfort.

Would recommend this to anyone - all ages and lots or no experience with yoga.

Never had such a great nights sleep and the teacher was so lovely.'


Kerry McGuigan