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One to one Six Week Courses


ENERGY BALANCING -  (based on Claire’s book ‘Awakening the Chakras Through Yoga’)


Aimed at re-balancing the whole system, physically, emotionally and energetically. Focusing on the energy centres or chakras and using a range of practices including asana, pranayama, mudra, mantra, bandha, meditation, Reiki healing, positive visualisation and affirmation.




focusing on the cleansing and purifying aspects of yoga, using asana, pranayama, kriyas and bandhas, as well as aspects of nutrition and positive thinking and motivation to balance and cleanse the body, boosting energy and positivity, Particularly good for the digestive system and internal organs


One to one six weekly sessios of one hour and ten minutes £240

        (concessionary rates available)  





“Yoga therapy is a modern coinage and represents a first effort to integrate traditional yogic concepts and techniques with Western medical and psychological knowledge. Whereas traditional yoga is primarily concerned with personal transcendence on the part of a “normal” or healthy individual, yoga therapy aims at holistic treatment of various kinds of psychological or somatic dysfunctions ranging from back problems to emotional distress. Both approaches however share an understanding of the human being as an integrated body-mind system, which can function optimally only when there is a state of dynamic balance.”





Georg Feuerstein Ph.D

“Yoga therapy is that facet of the ancient science of yoga that focusses on health and wellness at all levels of the person: physical, psychological and spiritual. Yoga therapy focuses on the path of Yoga as a healing journey that brings balance to the body and mind through an experiential understanding of the primary intention of yoga awakening of Spirit, our essential nature.”

Joseph Le Page MA Integrative Yoga



Claire is based at at yogahealingglasgow in Partick for her one to one work

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